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Sarah's Story

Doctor Needs Life-Saving Therapy I know a doctor who is responsible for the lives of more than 10,860 people. In fact, he was right there when they all took their first breath.
That’s because he delivered them :-)

He may be Dr. Hall to the people he took care of, but my husband is a wonderful, courageous man. His achievements span 40 years, and he is different than most doctors because he was willing to listen to you, study at home for you, and call or text you if needed. He started offering vitamins and supplements in his practice back in the 70’s when other doctors mocked him, or pushed people in an out so they could max out insurance benefits. This of course means he doesn’t have a million-dollar mansion, and we never took lavish vacations. 

Doug practiced with integrity. Always.
 He is sick now and needs life-saving therapy that I cannot afford.

He has served his country proudly and has touched the lives of many during this time practicing as a doctor in obstetrics, gynecology, and functional medicine. He has delivered 10,860 beautiful new souls into this world and has been treating 4th generation patients. He treats men and women for other diseases too, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. He has more certificates on his office wall than I can count!

This is a selfless man who often puts perfect strangers in the same category as his family, friends and patients. I would have to pull him to bed at 4am because he was up frantically studying how to save a man from prostate cancer - which he did!

Doug is the sort to listen and empathize like he would if you were his relative. During his career, he sometimes made new mothers feel special by gifting them and their family with something special… a ride home from the hospital in a beautiful Limousine!

He’s a hero. He did an emergency C-section on a mother (without gloves) in order to save her baby. But the mom had passed away moments before! He resuscitated the baby back to life, who now, decades later has a family of her own!

I can attest to the fact that Doug spends most of his waking hours searching medicine and new treatments just to help his patients get better faster. He doesn’t put his power in the prescription pad and push people off to the pharmacy. Instead, he studies ALL methods of healing, especially those that involve safer herbal or vitamin types of cures.

Why? Because Doug is a hero. He studies pretty much around the clock and it’s to make one person get well! The most challenging patients find their way to my husband, and he is often able to detect the underlying cause of their problems, and moreover, SOLVE IT!

I could go on about his accolades because there are so many, he’s authored a book and appeared on the news, he’s educated other doctors and he’s helped 10s of thousands of people, selflessly, never asking anything in return. He’s the one you go to when no other doctor has been able to fix you! That’s my Doug. I love him so much!

But now he needs (we need!) your help.

I believe that with my whole heart that his good deeds in his lifetime will be returned.

My husband has sacrificed so much family time, and much more lucrative career offers, he’s turned down opportunities that could have made him a much larger ‘retirement’ so to speak. He never billed anyone improperly, in fact, he gave away his services, and vitamins at times for people in need. He gave his medical information out for free, and even formulated vitamins for companies for free, those companies now make millions and Doug has never asked for a dime.

I believe that’s part of why we are in this position. Doug wasn’t one of those doctors who was a businessman who looked at bottomline. His “bottomline” was if you got well or not, or if baby and child were protected in his care! 

Doug recently had a stroke, and he is not able to continue caring for his patients.

He is now the person in need. I feel afraid and overwhelmed. They tell me that my husband will improve from the stroke, but it will take time and some therapies that I cannot afford. Asking for help, especially right now when so many people are struggling themselves is really hard for me to do. But I have no choice.

Doug had a stroke while shopping at Target. He had gone there to get me some laundry detergent. It was a 20 minute errand that ended in tragedy. I wish I had never asked him to go. In an instant, the love of my life was seriously injured and I wasn’t beside him.

The result of this stroke has impacted the use of his right leg and arm. It had caused difficulties with swallowing and eating. His speech is not the same. I wish I could spend a little more time with him, but unfortunately the Coronavirus has caused the hospital to enforce visitation regulations. In essence that means I cannot visit very much, and all we have is FaceTime, and he is not always able to speak. 

My heart is broken. Our family is broken. We’ve been together for almost 20 years, and he is the love of my life. 

I had to swallow my pride to write this, but with all my heart and soul, I love this man and I cannot imagine life without him. And I want him to be as close to his old self as possible. The doctor says it’s possible if we give him a few months of therapy to help him walk again and speak properly again. His mind is clear though. I am thankful for that.

Will you please help me? The bills are piling up and I am afraid we will lose our home and his medical practice. I’m trying to hold on to “normal” and I need your help. I am trying to sell everything we have in the clinic, and in my home but it’s not enough to pay for care giving, physical therapy, nutritional food, medicine and supplements, alternative therapies (hyperbaric chamber, electric acupuncture, peptides, etc)

Please also keep the prayers coming! I need them, especially at night when I miss him the most. Keep donating and sharing this page. However big or small, please know that whatever you give is going to help us. With all the good Doug has done for so many people, I feel that his return to normal is in sight. If you cannot help me with a donation, would you at least say a prayer right now, or hold a positive thought for his recovery?

Thank you so much!

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