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Rebekah's Story

I have an autoimmune problem that's getting out of control. I am battling fibromyalgia, Central sensitization syndrome, Raynaud's, IBS and IBD , gastroparesis , Celiac, ulcerative colitis, and CREST scleroderma (effects internal organs and esophagus). I have experienced a great amount of relief and progress with Graston therapy (breaking up layers of scar tissue and adhesions that form chronically) , Chiropractic treatments, and physical therapy (first round in my life that has been successful- largely due to the range of motion gained with Graston therapy). A healthy lifestyle that is tailored to my wellbeing plays a large role in this as well.

However, due to health insurance changes, I am only able to receive half the amount of treatments that I was. I feel a lot of pain creeping back, and am fighting those old frustrating limitations. I am also frustrated to interrupt the healing process midway- and pray to not regress (adhesions and scarring becoming "crunchy" again..).

My goal is to focus on healing the gut alongside being able to continue the treatments that have been so helpful. I have made immense improvements by dietary changes alone, but won't be able to address issues at the root without the out-of-pocket testing necessary. The doctors that I am working with now are fantastic (truly God-sends) and have healed many others such as myself with severe autoimmune issues, primarily by addressing the gut. I hope to become stronger and healthier, and get to a point of full recovery from where I've been. I have made great progress and found many ways to mitigate and overcome these issues, but I know that much is still unaddressed.

I'm so grateful for the generosity, love and encouragement extended towards me thus far. Thank you so much for any contribution! It will not go to waste.

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