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Kenia's Story

Kenia is 38 , mother, wife and friend and has been my right hand in business.

She had an injury which she believed was a sprained ankle. She underwent surgery for tendon and ligament damage. She did 3 month of physical therapy and continue to use her boot. As, time went on she couldn't bare the pain and went back to so see her surgeon. She was not  going to accept what her doctor told her and went for a second opinion.(being her own voice) Kenia is diagnosed with CRPS/RSD.
Due to my financial situation she is asking the community to help her save her foot. Her insurance will only cover a portion of her visits. It's required she does extensive shock therapy  for 6 weeks and 4 times a week to try to gain her nerve sensations back .

CRPS is a condition that is associated with the imbalance and malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. CRPS mistranslates nerve signals from the affected area to be received as extreme and insurmountable pain, while also undermining the patient’s immune system. Medically speaking, it is the most painful disease known to man – rating higher than both childbirth and amputation.

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