Joe Needs Your Help

Bradenton, Florida

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Joe's Story

As many of us know, Joe has developed a terrible condition that makes every day life a serious challenge. He needs our help.

On September 1st he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Disease. He never smoked a day in his life but now finds it nearly impossible to breath on his own or function normally.

He worked in the mining industry for 30 years and the doctors say that's probably what caused his lung issues.

He needs treatment that he can't afford to save his life.

He can go to Colombia, South America for stem cell therapy that has helped others with similar problems, The results have been nothing short of amazing for the others that have undergone this treatment.

The disease was present in his body for years and eventually stopped him from working so he and his family cannot afford to pay for the treatment on their own. Insurance won't cover the treatment.

Please help us get Joe healthy and back to work so he can support his family.

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