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Jennifer's Story

Hello, my name is Jennifer Lopez. I’m writing this to ask for little help to a person like me to reduce my suffering. I really did not want to ask but I have literally no other option. By your kindness today, if you should need help, maybe I can return the favor.
My health problem is chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, scar tissue, pelvic floor dysfunction, nerve damage, and lower back pain from the FDA approved device “Essure” that was eventually banned worldwide because of the damage it does to a woman’s body. There is even a documentary on Netflix about the Essure device. I have suffered for six and a half years and have hit the end of my rope with modern medicine so I have been advised to get stem cell therapy, which is not covered under insurance.
Although there may be worse problems a person could have, my problem has prevented me from enjoying day to day life. I can no longer walk more than a block. I can no longer do house chores, grocery shop, or have any type of fun with my husband of three years. I have also had to work part time because I can no longer work full time due to the pain and suffering, I live with every day.
I have been told if I go untreated my problem would get worse causing me a lot more problems in the future like depression, uncontrollable anxiety, suicide, heart attack from the stress, financial problems from not being able to work, divorce…just to name a few.
The funds raised will go directly to the doctor who I am convinced can help me. I would not ask for your help, but I have no other choice. I either continue to suffer, get worse or ask for the kindness of others.
Thanks so much for any help that you can give me.
Jennifer Lopez

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