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James's Story

November 2019 Our son James was at a Friends-giving event when a bonfire caught the fumes of a gas can causing an explosion. The flaming gas covered James' torso as well as his friend Natalie. Before he was taken to Vanderbuilt in the helicopter, He said to his mother "God's Got This"

James was severely burned (3rd and 4th degree) on 80% of his body. James was growing his hair to donate for wigs for kids and thankfully that saved his scalp; his ankles and feet are minimally singed.

Natalie is burned mostly on her torso and face/scalp, about 40% of her body. He was holding the gas can in his right hand resulting in the lost of the tips of all 10 fingers.

James ran for 3 minutes while on fire as he was attempting to strip his burning clothes. His face, chest, arms, stomach, back and thighs will heal due to amazing skin grafts and plastic surgeries, However his hands need help.

He has undergone 3-4 surgeries to remove the skin and dead tissue however his last surgery was his hands. Doctors were able to save most of his hands but he lost length on all 10 fingers.

He will need custom prosthetic and numerous reconstructive operations over the months to come. We are asking for help giving this child new fingers. We are thankful for any donation to our son and for all those that spread his story! #GODsGOTTHIS

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