Neuropathy Pain & Balance Issues Limit Mobility

Saint Louis, Missouri

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Darryl's Story

I suffer from Neuropathy -- a disorder of the peripheral nerves that causes numbness, swelling, burning and pain in my legs and feet. I have a 76% sensory loss in my left foot and 61% in my right. And because I cannot stand for long periods of time due to pain in my legs and back, I have been disabled from my warehouse job since 2014.

The pain is worse at night when I lie down, preventing a decent night’s sleep. Even sitting is uncomfortable. And I am not confident in my footing since I can’t feel my feet, so my balance is shaky.

I was once a man of action; an avid basketball player and am a Marine Corp veteran. I don’t smoke or drink. My greatest fear is my total loss of mobility; not a good thing when my family is clear across the state in Kansas City.

Medication only masks Neuropathy symptoms while fogging my brain, but Neuropathy can be reversed through a proven program of low-level red-light therapy, electrical stimulation to re-educate my nerves, plus nutrition and exercise. Insurance will not cover my treatments and my family cannot afford it. I have plenty of life left in me. Please help me reverse my Neuropathy before my nerves completely die and a cure becomes impossible. Any funding I raise will go directly to my doctor. Thank you for any assistance.

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