Massive Tumor Growing in my Mouth

Bakersfield, California

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Daniel's Story

It all started when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out and then this mass started growing in my gum. In two months it was the size of a mango. I couldn’t sleep or eat. I was constantly bleeding from it and rinse my mouth 10 times a day. I went to 6 different hospitals in Bakersfield CA and I was always sent home with no medication. I finally got transferred to USC when my tumor erupted and lost a significant amount of blood. My left jaw was removed completely along with my teeth. It was replaced with a piece of a bone and skin from my leg. A month after surgery my tumor came back, but bigger. The odor is really bad, I can't eat, talk, sleep, or enjoy doing anything on a regular day. I just turned 21 and I would like to kindly ask for your donation so I can start treatment soon. I feel weak and stressed, I want to gain strength as soon as possible. Please help me reach my goal!

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